Virtual Teambuilding

Virtual Team Building studies show:

* Among the 8 Competencies for effective teams, Leading & Deciding, Analyzing & Interpreting are the most reinforced.

* Virtual programs foster quick decision making and acting with initiative, followed by expressing oneself clearly and accurately.

* Participants grow more extroverted and open minded as they learn to be more vocal and expressive so the team can reach its   overarching objective.

* A Convergence Effect occurs: When the interaction style from people at both extremes, (introverted and strongly extroverted),   move nearer the average.

Cyberthon Virtual Challenge
Cyberthon challenges are virtual team building experiences that connect your team members from remote locations with fun, problem solving, and strategic energizers. Choose an Amazing Race style event, each team solves a series of clues leading them from one destination to the next as they race to the finish. Or our more collaborate challenge based on our popular Strategic Games.

These 2–2.5 hour activities are geared for all abilities and are hosted on the popular conference application ZOOM. Both Cyberthon events use Microsoft Word to hold clues which will take your team across the web and challenge critical thinking skills. The basics of the applications used during the event will be covered briefly in the introduction. This includes how to navigate the race as well as a tutorial on basic quick commands.

Jump into our virtual Amazing Race through cyberspace! Each team solves a series of clues leading them from one destination to the next as they race to the finish. This event relies heavily on the browser based app Google Earth. At the finish line, teams turn in their final “codes” and bonus points for check-in. Winning Teams and “Honorable Mentions” are announced, but only 1 team will be known as the Cyberthon Champion!

CyberGAMES is designed to inspire and celebrate your teams. This virtual 3-part program builds cross-functional connections within the group. Teams are randomly mixed and re-mixed to take on a series of themed Strategic challenges. Activities include Studio Magic, Lockdown Detective, and Power Puzzles. Collaboration promotes flexible leadership, along with underscoring the power of diversity, seeing problems from various perspectives, and organizing fractured information.