Virtual Meetings & The “New Normal”

In this “New Normal”, virtual meetings have become important alternatives to live conferences. While they can’t duplicate all of the benefits that live meetings offer, they do provide a path to reach objectives and goals that meeting planners strive to achieve. Just as entertainment and activities are desirable diversions for many live meeting agendas, we can incorporate those elements into virtual meetings as well.

To illustrate, a recent client requested custom music videos to break up their welcome event and introduce different program segments. They reviewed entertainment choices on our website and chose a Spanish Guitar and Harp duo. This unique act has taken two traditionally classical instruments and combined them together with a contemporary sound that redefines their very nature by blending the styles of Pop, Jazz, and Classic Rock together with a Mediterranean twist. Using a green screen background to replicate an Arizona landscape, custom videos of predefined length were created to provide a dynamic, contemporary, and entertaining experience for the audience. One of the videos is featured here.



From an article by Nancy Hayes, June 10, 2020: “To combat waning attention spans and keep people engaged, it’s important to provide your virtual attendees with time to clear their minds, get energized and reset their focus. That’s where entertainment and wellness breaks between sessions can play a key role in enhancing the overall virtual experience. Fun, lively and interactive activities help people stay focused and pumped up for your next round of programming. They also help participants stay motivated to return to your virtual event rather than check out on their phones. In other words, you must give your participants a compelling reason to tune back in or risk losing them altogether.”

Entertainment and activities have always been a popular adjunct to meeting agendas. Avalon provides entertainment and activities for virtual meetings, allowing a planner to increase ROI with branding, promoting a message or theme, and to enhance the program overall. Please visit Virtual Meeting Entertainment for a variety of choices.

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