Native American flutists

A highlight of your Southwest experience is the hypnotic sound of a Native American Flutist. Think of the interest generated by an authentically costumed Native American musician performing at your reception or General Session opening. Below are demos of solo flutists and a duo. Consider the duo for more depth and dimension to the sound.


Soothing, fascinating, and spiritual describes the music.Our Native American musicians are very proud of their heritage and they will gladly chat with guests, explain their traditions and pose for pictures.  Needless to say, if you are planning a Native American theme event, the flutist is a definitive choice!

Avalon has a unique Native American flutist who is also a jazz musician and keyboard player. He performs solo flute, piano, and a blend as he plays flute with pre-recorded synthesizer music. Very New Age, very novel, and very “hip”.