Biker Bash

Your guests are enjoying cocktails and light conversation. They’re expecting a typical evening with dinner anddancing. Our bikers crash the reception and lead the guests to the “real” party complete with Harleys, biker dudes and babes, the Rolling Thunder Band, and photo staff to provide guests with a memento of a wild evening!

Our “born to be wild” gang provides an exciting interactive atmosphere. the “Born To Be Wild” dancers will break the ice and keep the party rolling! cops hand out liberal “warnings” (“you’re margarita is not at regulation level ma’m”). bikers & babes rock the house with rowdy dance numbers as the cops try to bust the party but have too much fun in the process! “you’re all sentenced to community service at the YMCA!” the cops & bikers get in on the photo fun (complete with handcuffs—you’re busted!). it’s a party like you’ve always wanted, but never dared to!  Come on– BE WILD.