Outlandish Olympics

Avalon has all the ingredients for a very unique, fun and interactive event. Guests will be transported via deluxe motor coaches to the hosting site (or this may be done on-site). During the ride, our staff will begin to get the teams fired up and inform everyone of the scoring and rules. Balloons, streamers and pennants will decorate the Olympic area on site.Our “Opening Ceremony” will kick off the evening with a Bang! Participants parade into the area wearing their team colors and cheering loudly. At the main stage area, our master of ceremonies (Disc Jockey) continues to build the excitement for the games as he announces the teams and their captains.

The National Anthem is played while participants pay their respects to your country’s flag. To signal the start of the games, Olympiad music is played as a group representative runs in with the torch light of the official “Olympic flame.” Set up around the site are a variety of games that are so unique, your guests will wonder where on Earth (or what planet) they come from!


SUMO WRESTLING is hilarious and a lot of fun! Your guests dress themselves in gigantic “Sumo suits”; the foam rubber filling pads and protects the entire body. Then, they stand in the ring and face off in a “Basho,” or Sumo-wrestling bout. This attraction is a real crowd-pleaser – the whole crowd will be doing belly laughs over this!

VELCRO OLYMPICS, although “sticky,” it’s fun all the way! This event is fantastic fun and competition all rolled into one! A vast inflatable obstacle course featuring inclined surfaces, tunnel tubes, walls, netting — are all covered with velcro…and so are the contestants! Each participant suits up in a special “velcro suit” (which fits over their clothes) and the fun begins!

VELCRO WALL: GIANT FLY TRAP! Our 12-foot Velcro Wall is covered with Velcro “loop” fastener material. Participants wear jumpsuits (that fit over their clothes) made out of the Velcro “hook” material. A good jump, with a somersault or two, lands the participant against the wall. The safe, colorful device brings a new meaning to the phrase “this is a stick-up.”

BIG BOUT BOXING is a guaranteed “Knock-Out.” The giant gloves given to contestants are well padded for safety. The ring and “canvas” are inflatable air-cushions. A referee assures that all punches “thrown” are legal. Hilarity abounds, and so do the contestants!

JOUST COMPETITION allows your guests to compete against each other in this exciting contest with pugil sticks! The first one to knock their opponent off of the pedestal is the winner in this fun, fantastic fray. The pedestals stand on an inflatable “floor” which makes the fall harmless and fun. The first to make the opponent fall wins …but the loser always “bounces back.”

BUNGEE RUN is a safe and fun alternative to bungee jumping. Guests are fastened to a bungee cord to try and run as far as they can before….Boing! The oversized rubber band snaps them backwards on the inflatable cushioned runway. Jump back into fun with the Bungee Run!