Jeep Tour & Rally



Desert Jeep Adventure

A caravan of comfortable four wheel drive jeeps will pull up to the hotel and whisk your group away for a morning or afternoon tour of the Sonoran Desert.Our Cowboy guides will greet everyone as they exit the resort and load into off road vehicles. Departing the resort, everyone will begin an adventure they will long remember.

Jeep Rally

The Jeep Tour with a twist. Take several 4 wheel drive vehicles, add six enthusiastic participants each, fun clues, experienced Jeep drivers, a wide open desert, and you have the makings of a day of fun and competition.Each jeep becomes a team, and as a group they must navigate their way through some of the most beautiful desert in the world. In a rally, speed is not important, but creativity, low mileage and correct answers to clues are.We’ll design a rally package around your group’s interests with guaranteed fun.