Our sensational TRIVIA GAME SHOW has all the energy and excitement of the real thing. The game show concept has been going strong in America forover 40 years and people still love it. The show works great because it actually allows your clients and their guests to act out their fantasy of being a contestant as they’ve seen on TV! We provide all of the booths and electronic components that go along with it. In addition, we provIde a professional, interactive host who asks the questions and keeps the score. The questions can be given from our own bank of trivia questions which span many different categories and subjects, or can be tailor made by you to test the participants’ knowledge on any subject you wish. We strongly encourage prizes but they need not be expensive. We can supply everything from certificates of achievement to hotel accommodations for the winners. Of course, you may provide your own prizes.
Each trivia game with four contestants runs about 5-10 minutes which means 6-12 rounds per hour.


Using the formats of Balderdash and Trivial Pursuit, 3-4 actors portray famous characters such as Elvis Presley, Austin Powers, and Mae West (to name a few), and become a celebrity panel. Guests are then divided into teams and elect a team captain.

Controlled by a Master of Ceremonies, and using music recorded for the event, the characters interact with the guests and give definitions to Industry/corporate words or phrases. Each team has a chance to guess who is telling the truth and the team with the most points wins a prize determined by the client.