We have developed some intriguing interactive workshops that allow each individual to participate at his or her own pace, striving to complete a project.
During the presentation, our knowlegable workshop leader offers historic information, highlighting the primitive technologies and skills of the ancient peoples of the Southwest. Guests are encouraged to ask questions, make observations, and begin the thought processes of the ancient Hohokam.
The natural group dynamics and team development is prevalent in a workshop atmosphere as those who are particularly skilled at crafts will assist those who excel in other areas.
The workshops can be conducted in a resort ballroom, in a natural desert setting, or in a private home.

All materials are provided and careful, caring instruction is given to ensure that each participant takes home more than just the craft.

Start a Coiled Basket
Make a Shell Pendant (Jewelry)
Make a Stone Arrow Point
Make a Bow & Arrow
Make a Pot with Arizona Desert Clay
Make a Yucca Fiber Cord
Make a Burned Wooden Container
Make a Cane Flute
Make a Skin Drum
Paint a Clay Bowl
Etch a Clam Shell Pendant (Jewelry)
Make a Stone Pendant