Native Americans


Brian is an accomplished Hoop Dancer, ranked among the top ten in the world. His performances involve many intricate maneuvers. Using as many as 44 hoops in a single performance, Brian creates various designs representing symbols significant in his life’s journey. Brian’s Native American dance expertise is not limited to the Hoop Dance. His repertoire also includes the fancy, grass, eagle, and pipe dances.

His dance regalia is colorful and contemporary in nature. However, the ensemble is based on the rich traditions of Native American social and ceremonial dancing. In addition to designing the beadwork used on his dance regalia, Brian’s beadwork can be found on flutes, moccasins, bags, pouches and other apparel.

Brian’s travels throughout the United States and overseas provide him with a broad background for his lectures on the lifestyles and culture of Native Americans. His lectures often include a Native American flute solo which he performs using one of his large collection of flutes.