Imagine stepping back in time when Rogues and Pirates roamed the land. Cannons and swords were a way of life! It’s a very romantic and adventurous period. Enjoy an evening with these colorful characters as you feast and partake of the drink of the day.

The Captain and his crew entertain the crowd with magic, juggling, and comic banter. Two pirates intimidate each other with slurs and threats of mutiny. The rhythms of a steel drum band (from Tortuga of course!) spice up the evening. The bartenders serve Rum and Piña Coladas to heat the blood while wenches chase pirates (and guests) looking for a husband. There’s even a Captain Jack Sparrow look-alike to pose with guests for souvenir photos.

Décor includes a giant pirate ship, complete with a blinking canon, countless pirate skeletons, and brimming treasure chests.

There are games of chance such as dice, black jack and roulette where high winners can claim their booty (prizes provided by client). As a special bonus, guests may win a pirate key to try and open a treasure chest! Don’t worry about our pirate dealers, if they’re caught cheating, they lose an arm! (Applies to guests too!)

An after dinner show might feature magic with grand illusions and audience participation. Or, we may have two scurvy pirates pick a victim from the audience and use him for a display of their whip techniques by popping balloons off of various parts of his or her anatomy. Don’t worry about the rum on their breath, – that only sharpens their skills.

Program Elements:

Captain Jack
Steel Drum Musicians
DJ or live band