Lipstick Reader

The kiss, a human act which defies time, space, culture, and even recorded history itself, channels those unique properties in a manner not unlike the leaving of fingerprints, though far more intimate and poetic in nature. Avalon’s Lipstick Reader is an artist who offers fun and interactive entertainment that will have guests intrigued, excited, and talking about their “KISS” experience.

How it works…

You are provided with a brand new lipstick (you get to keep), a mirror to be picture perfect, and a Lipstick Kissing Card designed and crafted through our charity Kiss your card like you are kissing a love letter. We ask for you to kiss twice once for your past and once for your present. And the best part like no other, you get to ask the universe one question (you know that question…that nagging question you would like to ask if you only could). This is IT. Kiss-N-Tell official lipstick readings where no two readings are alike.