Tonight Show

If you love Johnny, you’ll love Avalon’s “Johnny II.” Feel the goosebumps when the “Tonight Show” theme roars over the loudspeakers, have your own VIP introduce him with an Ed McMahon imitation of, “Heeer’s Johnny……”The show includes a Tonight Show set, sound and lights, and a fabulous Tonight Show Band. Johnny starts off with a humorous monologue, introduces the Ed McMahon stand in, (one of your attendees), and proceeds with interviews of selected VIPs. Optionally, our Doc Severinson substitute may go into the audience to play Stump the Band, where the attendees are the stars and try to name obscure songs the band won’t know. Between the guests singing and the band’s winging, this segment is a highlight of the show.The finale features “Carnac the Magnificent” who regales the audience with inside jokes which you have helped prepare. The full production can also include guest acts. Nostalgia for “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” is running at fever pitch thanks to cable re-runs, which is why “Heeere’s Johnny II” has taken the special event marketplace by storm.

The Johnny Carson skit was hilarious and your band is very talented – Belinda, Ottobock USA.

Avalon can produce the entire “Tonight Show” experience, including the set, the legendary band, and of course, Johnny II. If you’re looking for a show with audience interaction and worldwide familiarity, this is it!  Please call for options, pricing, and availability

  • Awards Programs
  • After Dinner Show
  • Meet & Greet
  • Monolog
  • Emcee
  • Band
  • Interviews
  • Guest Stars
  • Carnac The Magnificent