Native American “POW WOW”

Hoop Dance

The Hoop Dance is both energetic & stunning. It provides a story of all the elements of life through the dancers hoop designs. Audiences are left astonished by the rhythm & speed of the dancer as he jumps through hoops and forms them into representations of life.

Want more? Avalon’s expanded Native Dance Show includes a narrator to explain the meaning of the many colorful and historic ritual dances of the American Indians. Featuring dances of war, love, and peace, various tribes are represented and you can count on this show generating a great deal of interest and conversation. For the ultimate experience, add several dancers and singers to create your own “Pow Wow”!

“Thank you so very much for producing such a lovely evening. I heard so many positive comments from everyone! It was just perfect. And the dancers were amazing, and, along with narration, it really was perfect.”– Gina – Senior Event Manager, SAP Global