Murder Mystery

If “whodunits” intrigue you and you’d like something different for your next event, Avalon provides many different Murder Mysteries to suit your needs. Shows emphasize audience participation as volunteers take on supporting roles. We provide props for the guests and clues to find, ensuring a high level of involvement with team building benefits. View video clips from “The Curse of King Tut” to get a sense of the fun. Descriptions of other murder mysteries follow. So check out the many possibilities below and remember, we’re dying to entertain you!!!

A “Grave” Plot of Murder! 40-120 Guests
The wonderful folks at Heaven’s Grove Funeral Chapel and Cemetery are joyfully preparing to celebrate the life of our dearly departed, Percy Simpleton. Many questions are in the air tonight; Who is the mysterious figure in the hall? Why didn’t Percy plan for the possibility of his death…. No will, no insurance and no….? Percy has taken those answers to the grave. But… Percy has a secret… A BIG secret!!! What will his wife do? Friends, family and … Super Heroes are all in line to gain something from Percy’s passing. With such a perfect night planned what could possibly go wrong? Uninvited guests? Criminals? Heroes? The stage is set and you are a witness to: A Grave Plot of Murder!

The Curse of Middleton Manor 40-120 Guests
Our newest show, “The Curse of Middleton Manor,” is based on a 1920’s English Manor House and it’s history. An interactive comedy from the award winning writer of SPY, guests join friends, family and servants who await the return of Lord Middleton. It is rumored that he was last seen at the Tomb of Tutankamun. With the curse of the manor house and the tomb, his welcome home party may not be what was planned. There are 4 professional actors and parts/props for 16 guests to play the supporting cast. There are clues to find and more twists and turns that the tomb itself.

Lights, Camera, Murder 15-50 Guests
Join in the fun at Prickly Pear Prep’s 1968 class reunion. Meet the famous movie star Melinda Malevolent, her sleazy talent agent and our super sleuth, Sgt. Sydney Sizzlechest (think Marilyn Monroe as a detective) among others. You can even become part of this spoof on murder mysteries as the class cheerleader, football star, etc. Includes 2 actors, 23 guest parts/props, and clues to find.

Mafioso Murders 20-80 Guests
This original 1930’s comedy mystery is an evening you will long remember as you dine with infamous gangsters, their families, friends and even enemies. Written for Morton’s of Chicago, this show can be performed in any private venue. Includes 2-4 actors, stage manager, 20 guest parts/props, and clues to find.

Spy! (An International Murder Mystery) 40-300 Guests

Spy! is our award winning comedy mystery placed in the Casablanca Club of the 1940’s. Celebrities and military personnel from all over the world come together to celebrate V.E. Day, 1945, not realizing that behind the scenes, spies are trying to steal the plans to the atomic bomb. Includes 6 actors, stage manager, 16 guest parts/props and clues to find.

Who Shot the Sheriff? 40-300 Guests

This comedy was the first murder mystery to be nominated as the best production of an original script by the Arizona Theatre Alliance in 1998 and is based on the history of Arizona, 1882. As you arrive, you pay your last respects to the sheriff who is laid out in his coffin and meet several of the locals. Over dinner, the town meeting commences and you become part of the townspeople (i.e., town banker, mayor, saloon girls, etc.) to vote on who you think shot the sheriff. Includes 9 actors, stage manager, 25 guest parts/props, and music/songs.

Mansion Club Murders 100-300 Guests

This roaring ’20’s mystery was originally written to take over several rooms at the Wrigley Mansion and is the only show which can be performed in more than one room. We create an authentic 1920’s speakeasy, complete with flappers, mobsters, and body guards. There are also surprise appearances by Rudolph Valentino and Mae West. Includes 12-14 actors/singers, stage manager. Jazz band suggested.

The Power of Positive Murder 40-300 Guests
Be a part of a motivational seminar given by the illustrious Sam Kramer, best known for his best-selling book “The Power of Positive Living.” Don’t miss the opportunity to be motivated to death by one of the world’s experts on the subject. Includes 6 actors, Stage Manager, guest parts/props and clues to find.

Please note: These performances are subject to availability. All performances include actors, props, guest bios/props, and standard lighting/sound equipment. For larger groups, professional sound equipment is required and available at an additional fee.