Simply a brilliant stand up comedian, Mark has many TV appearances to his credit. His comedy is fast paced and you laugh from start to finish. The first video below shows Mark’s standard act (up to 45 minutes of stand up). The second, older video, is a performance for Circle K (they were just coming out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy) and Mark cleverly weaves this into the act, approx. 2 minutes from the start of this demo video. This shows Mark’s skill with custom skits and scripting, so, if you want something special, let us know!

Mark captured the attention of 100 business professionals in the metal building industry and had them in uproarious laughter for his 30-minute comedic performance. He won over the crowd and then continued on to emcee a 60-minute quiz Show. We very much enjoyed Mark’s performance, and will be sure to recommend him to other colleagues for future association meetings. – Tony Bouqot, MBMA