From soloists to trios and larger, Avalon’s performers are perfect for lounges, restaurants, receptions, and dinners. Avalon has everything from a unique Harp & Spanish Guitar, Solo Flutist to piano players, jazz musicians, Solo Guitarist, and flamenco acts to steel drummers. You name it!

Mr. B
Whether it’s a single, duo, or larger band, “Mr. B” will provide great music and lots of fun. 60s thru 90s plus a some country. “I get up there and have fun and people notice that.”

Allen and Maryann are both sophisticated and elegant. From Southwest to Classical to Gypsy Jazz, they would be a unique act for either background music or an after dinner show. Great as a duo, even better as a trio. Watch both videos to see both combos.

This band features a huge repertoire which includes Pop, Jazz, Broadway, Latin, – you name it. Very personable and audience interactive. the band starts as a trio but can go as large as a “Dancing with the Stars” Big Band.

Many of Avalon’s soloists can augment their performance with “tracks” and sound like a trio. Solo guitar is an excellent choice for background music.

Bryne sax and vocals leads a versatile duo. They have the ability to perform as a larger ensemble and add additional vocalists as well,

This combo features violin doubling trumpet, guitar and bass, – a distinct sound that separates them from other jazz ensembles.

Whether it’s background music for a networking reception or a formal banquet, Avalon’s combos, from duos on up, are just right if you want the energy and ambiance of live performance.

When a performer excels in three different areas, we call that a “triple threat.” Mark plays sax, keys, steel drums, and sings, so, he’s more than qualified for the title. In this video, Mark teams with a female vocalist and can add additional musicians for an even fuller audio and visual impact.

Lisa PressmanLisaLisa combines many styles into a repertoire of beautiful and intimate music. Her “vocalese” is her signature sound. Whether it’s jazz, classical, or Southwest, this versatile performer and her combo adds a unique touch to receptions, dinners, and any event where conversational level background music is your goal. The audio clip features Lisa as soloist, and, on some segments, with percussion, guitar, and saxophone.

Lisa’s talents were a great compliment to the evening’s program and we continue to receive praise from many of those who attended – David, Director of Meetings, AHSI

Danny & the Corvettes lived the 50s and performs a wide repertoire of authentic hits from the era. Whether you have a 50s theme event, Sock Hop, a craving for nostalgia, or just want to re-live the fun and excitement of the original rock and roll era, this band is for you!