A Luau in Arizona? You bet. In addition to its Southwest heritage, the metropolitan Phoenix area offers an array of talent and sophiticated, world class services and entertainment. Watch till the end of this under 4 minute video to see the amazing Fire Dance Finale! The video below is representative of the performance, – the actual dancers at your event may be different.

Entertainment Choices:
Luau with male and female dancers
Green Screen Photo Station for instant color photos with frames
Live Band or Disc Jockey

Plastic, Polyester, Fresh Flower, or LED Light Up Glow Silk Flower Leis
Hula Skirts, and Beachcomber Hats
Branded items

Luau Games:

Save the Sea Turtle Toss
Try to toss the Sea Turtle bean bags thru the suspended Buoy Rings.
Dolphin Ring Toss
Try to toss rings around the nose of the dolphin.
Just Beach-y Roller Bowler
Try to roll the sea-blue-bowling-ball so that it goes over the hump and stays in the pocket area on the other side.
Coconut Bowling
Try to knock down the pins by rolling a coconut down the lane.
Lobster Launch
Using a rubber mallet, try to flip the lobsters into the rotating lobster pots.
Lifeguard Basketball
Shoot beach balls into the seat of the Lifeguard stand.
Tip the Parrot
Try to knock down the parrots using beanbags.
Pirate Rum Bottle Ring Toss
Try to get a ring around the rum bottle.
Pirate Cannonball Bowling
Try to roll the Pirate’s Cannonball with enough force so that it goes over the hump and stays in the pocket area on the other side.
Shock Wake
With hand & eye coordination a must… try and maneuver the metal wand thru the electrified course.
Beach Themed Corn Hole Toss
A favorite for tailgate parties!

We have life-size Surfboards and Flamingos for perimeter décor.
We also have a Beach Theme Self Portrait Prop as well as beach-y backgrounds
and props for photo booths or Green Screen!