Talented Hawaiian dancers perform dances from the graceful hula of Hawaii to the fast moving hips of Tahiti. Your event will come alive with the beat of the festive Polynesian Music as the background for our beautiful Hula Dancers and our authentic Samoan Fire Knife Dance! (Scroll down for video).

Options: A beautifully costumed dancer will pass out leis to get everyone in the mood. A Talking Roast Pig Head? – imagine your guests surprise as their food starts talking to them. This is an actor made-up to look just like a roast pig and integrated into a buffet table for one hour. This could be the hit of the night!

Entertainment Choices include:

Full luau featuring Polynesian Band and Hula Dancers
Hilarious Melon Head or Roast Pig Head character
Photo Station for instant color photos with frames.

Plastic Leis, Fresh Flower Leis,
Hula Skirts, and Beachcomber Hats

Luau Games:
Lobster Toss
Pirate Coin Toss
Ring the Banana
Coconut Bowling
Coconut in the Basket