Dia De Los Muertos

We love doing theme events. Our client requested a “Day of the Dead” Mexican motif. We strung 750 feet of picado flags, placed small exhibits in the event area, and used table centerpieces to complete the motif. Mariachis provided just the right touch to complement the ambiance. In the video, notice the stunning difference in the look as the sun sets and our bistro lights bring dramatic highlights to the decor.


When background music is requested for an event, a client will often request something that is unique and particular to the area. In Arizona, we offer “Southwest” music which blends Latin rhythms with jazz and New Age. The Avalon Southwest combo features guitar, flute, and electric violin doubling percussion. The sound is pleasant, upbeat, interesting, and yet, appropriately in the background. This video of the combo at a cocktail reception provides a sense of the performance.

Of course, all elements of an event are important to its success. One of our favorite resorts, the “Talking Stick” in Scottsdale, was the host hotel for this reception. The ambiance, great food, and an amazing banquet staff were “five star” and made for a perfect evening.

Marriott Buttes Event

The Valley of the Sun features many wonderful hotels and resorts. Avalon was privileged to have a great event at this Phoenix area resort. From the banquet staff to the General Manager, all were friendly, accommodating, and service driven. Thank you Marriott Buttes for a 5 star evening!


Avalon was voted “Best Entertainment Service Provider 2018 – USA by LUX, a magazine for global influencers, collectors, and high net worth individuals. It is published out of London, sold on news stands in London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Nice, New York, LA, Singapore and Hong Kong, and distributed through a proprietary VIP system that includes selected global events, locations, and clients of some of the world’s leading private banks and luxury brands.

While entertainment and theming is only one component or our portfolio, it is a core competency and a passion for our team. We are honored to receive this award which recognizes our success and dedication to providing “wow” events for clients in the US and worldwide.

LUX Magazine



Karaoke is fun, but, when you’re looking for something different, Lip-Sync à la the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, is the new way to take the stage and be a star. This corporate group had an absolute blast!


We produced an amazing program at the Hilton Anaheim in California. Adjacent to Disneyland, this 1500 room hotel had a huge amount of event space. We needed to provide a program for three different ballroom areas on the first and second floors of the property.

The first was a VIP room with very limited guest list. A delicious buffet was complemented by our very entertaining strolling magician and a superb caricature artist. For the large number of other guests, one ballroom featured our “Green Screen Video” process which enables each guest to be a dance superstar. The lines to participate were out the door all night. Those waiting for their turn were able to enjoy the performance on two giant video screens on either side of the room.

The third ballroom featured Avalon’s “San Diego Band”. We only wish the video could truly capture the electricity and excitement of throngs of people responding to the band’s energy. Needless to say, the evening was a huge success and the client was thrilled that we exceeded expectations.

We really appreciate our clients who allow us to pursue our passion for great events. It is so rewarding to provide amazing experiences to attendees in markets across the country and worldwide.


In addition to the many theme events offered by Avalon, we are always happy to create custom experiences for clients. We recently produced a 1980s theme party with a fun twist, adding a “Revenge of the Nerds” to a frat party ambiance. Guests had a blast. Many wore great costumes. Between the 80s music, games,(including a “SUMO” competitition), characters, and costumed guests really getting into it, the evening exceeded our client’s expectations. So, if you’re interested in a theme that isn’t overdone, this may be just the novelty for your event. Enjoy the video and photos.


One of the great things about the Southwest is its Native American heritage. Avalon has talented Native American performers that blend Native traditions with contemporary New Age and Jazz. The trio in this clip features one of those artists providing perfect, conversational level background music for a cocktail / networking reception. As well as being a great entertainment piece for any event, artists are happy to pose with guests for photo ops. If you want to have a full blown Native American theme, Avalon can arrange dancers, artisans, and decor to complement the music.