Paintball is a great teambuilding activity. While the actual games are fun, much of the bonding occurs after the play. Here is a behind the scenes video of before and after. It shows how teams are selected, orientation, awards, and a firing squad. A firing squad? You’ll have to watch to share in the fun. So, if you would like to see how a paintball teambuilding event is orchestrated, this video is for you!

An evening of fine dining, entertainment, and tours

When event hosts want a unique off-site experience for their guests, a private home can be the perfect choice.  One of Avalon’s favorites in the Phoenix area is a special home with a lot of history designed in the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright.  It has great views, wonderful event space, and is in an upscale location.  An evening of fine dining, entertainment, and tours of the property create an incredible experience for attendees.


Executive Dining


Lawn evening


2nd lawn evening